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Step 1 - Start

Welcome to DSTI Application Platform!

First enter you email if you already start an application we will load it. Each time you finish a step the application will be saved with your email.

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Step 2 - General Information

Nice to meet you!

Please we would like to know more about you !

Contact Information:

Administration Information:

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Step 3 - Applicant Background

Let's talk about your Background!

Educational but also Professional.

Education :

Highest Degree Earned *:

Have you been registered in the French High Education? Do you have a French Baccalaureate? *

On a previous French student card or registration certificate, you can find an 11-character identifier called "Identifiant National Étudiant" (INE). Please type it in below.*

Professional Profile :

Years of relevant professional experience *:

Considering your higher education and your professional experience, you have more of a *:

Languages :

Your English Proficiency *

Your French Proficiency *

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Step 4 - Studies Application

It's time to choose!

Let us know which program you want to study and How!.

Which MSc programme do you wish to apply for? *:

Which mode do you wish to apply to? *:

Which campus do you wish to apply to? *:

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Step 5 - Start

We almost Done!

Could you please upload the required documents.

Your ID:

( File accepted: pdf - Max file size : 10MB)

Your Resume:

( File accepted: pdf - Max file size : 10MB)

Your Cover Letter:

( File accepted: pdf - Max file size : 10MB)
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Step 6 - Final

The last Step!

Congratulation you almost complete your application to DSTI.

How did you learn about us? *:

I, do hereby certify that all the information provided is true and sincere. Should I be accepted, I commit myself to following and completing all the requirements of the courses in the programme(s) indicated above.*

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